Happy Thanksgiving

November 12, 2019

Kindermusik is a phenomenal program, simply ask the families who experience it each week. We learn, we play, we sing and we grow together. Ellie Oasis would like to thank each of our devoted and amazing parents for their commitment to this program and especially to their kids. 

Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your child's development, physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and musically. We are truly thankful to each of our families. 

Please travel safely this Thanksgiving break! 

*Ms. Hayley is currently on maternity leave and regular classes will resume in the Summer of 2020. Please stay tuned to for more information.

Welcome to 
Ellie Oasis

What's with the Name?

We're often asked, "Why did you name your business 'Ellie Oasis'?" Well, our owner Ms. Hayley, loves elephant culture. They also happen to be her favorite African animal. They care for, love and protect each other fiercely. The female elephants help raise and protect each other's calves. The older elephants teach the younger mothers how to care for their young while the young mothers nurture and take care of the older mothers.

It is a beautiful culture that Ellie Oasis aims to replicate. 

A Little Studio with Big Dreams

Ellie Oasis wants to do one thing. Change the world one amazing child, Mommy, Daddy and family at a time! How? Through music, nurture and love. Music, as with love, are gifts that always make the world a better place. By helping little ones learn and appreciate both those gifts we want to inspire more and more little world changers to go and share those gifts with the world. One song, one dance, one hug at time. As for families, we aim to be a positive and impactful presence in the lives of the families we serve. We believe that families are the cornerstone of our society and by nurturing the bond between child and parent or grandparent we are thus strengthening our society.

Our Kindermusik program is the perfect place to foster this special bond.

Kindermusik is an early-childhood music and movement program in the Arlington area. 

Ellie Oasis offers Kindermusik, an award winning early-childhood music and movement program/class in the Arlington DFW area. For kids newborn - to five, our amazing program will create a village experience for you, while nurturing various aspects of your child's development through music!

The most FUN you'll have with your child each week!

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5930 W Interstate 20 Suite 250 Arlington, TX 76017 


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