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"I have been taking my 5 month old to Ms. Hayley’s class for almost a month and he has been thriving ever since. When we started he was only 4 months ( almost 5 months) and when she started singing, he popped his little head up and listened to her and the music very intensely. It was the cutest thing ever. He has since been crawling backwards, holding his bottle and cooing sometimes to the music. She does a fantastic engaging with the babies helping the mommies engage with our babies. She does so many wonderful things with the simplist stuff. For example she turned a little jar of water into a eye and hand coordination object 😳. Just by adding color, water, little toys and other fun objects. I homeschool my older children and they have learned all the songs as well and although they don’t participate they sit in the back and enjoy the class. I highly this class." - Kim. H

"My daughter (9 months) and I love going to Ms. Hayley’s Kindermusik class. I am a strong supporter of music education and its effects on the developing brain. Hayley does a wonderful job of being inclusive, welcoming, knowledgeable, exciting, and caring. She truly loves being around children and giving them the gift of music. Every week my daughter laughs and plays along to every activity that is provided. I see her smile as a song comes on in the car or at home that was played in Kindermusik. I highly recommend Ellie Oasis (Ms.Hayley). It is truly a gift for your child!" - Kristin. H

"I've been taking my son to class with Hayley since he was 2 months old and he is now 7 months. We look forward to the class every week and plan to keep signing up ever semester. He gets so much out of each class and sleeps so well afterwards from all the learning he's done. I can't say enough good things about Hayley and her class and recommend it to everyone with little ones!" - Heather. S

"My one month premie son was gifted a kindermusik class with Hayley for his baby shower, and I am so thankful. Hayley provides education, guidance, love, empathy, virtue, advice, and a place where I feel I have my village! I will be enrolling in all future classes for my son, the leaps he has made developmentally directly due to this class is incredible! He may not be on the growth chart yet but he is cooing, sound localizing, and holding his head up at a normal rate--when normally you would expect delays with a premie. Thanks to Hayley, my baby and I are more bonded than I could ever have imagined." - Michelle. S

Ellie Oasis offers Kindermusik, an award winning early-childhood music and movement program/class in the Arlington DFW area. For kids newborn - to five, our amazing program will create a village experience for you, while nurturing various aspects of your child's development through music!

The most FUN you'll have with your child each week!

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